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  • The Women of Elegance - MF-1191   

    Three elegantly carved life size females pour water into a two tiered catch basin flooding a grand circular pool surround. This entire piece is carved from two tones of natural marble including a white and a cream color. Contact the Gallery today.

    Dimensions:  H: 116" W: 206" D: 206"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Three Tiered Marble Fountain - MF-1255   

    Lavish waterfalls tumble down three tiers of perfectly sculpted marble fantasy. This elegant and refined fountain supplies a place for refreshment while enjoying the beauty of nature and the melodious sounds of water. Begin customization today.

    Dimensions:  H: 150" W: 196" D: 196"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Lions Fountain - MF-1152   

    This sophisticated fountain adds a magnificent feeling of timeless elegance to the landscape. Sculpted from gorgeous fine marble in natural tones, this double tiered fountain features majestic lion statues at its base. Travertine marble!

    Dimensions:  H: 88" W: 168" D: 168"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Fountain - MF-1636   

    Two playful dolphins carved from a solid block of breccia antique marble. Included an antique white marble pool basin and bowl. Commercial grade water jets included! Call for details at 1.866.860.1710.

    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes      View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Dolphin Fountain - MF-1532   

    Celebrate South Florida with this magnificent marble dolphin fountain. Carved from a rare bluish gray marble. Accompanying the dolphin is a sea themed travertine pool surround. Lots of water action as well! Call for details. 1.866.860.1710

    Dimensions:  H: 85" W: 99" D: 99"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Antique White Fountain - MF-1458   

    An ornately carved Antique White marble fountain featuring four water pouring maidens, lion head spouts, and floral marble base.

    Dimensions:  H: 92" W: 144" D: 144"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Commercial Marble Fountain - MF-1013   

    This marble fountain has been designed for commercial sites such as schools, office buildings etc.Fine's Gallery's design staff can design according to your site plans, contact us today for a custom quote.

    Dimensions:  H: 100" W: 138" D: 138"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Four Seasons Marble Fountain - MF-1342   

    Hand Carved Solid Travertine Four Seasons Marble Fountain. Water cascades from top finial down to second tier and out of the lions mouths. Each of the four maidens carrying jugs is cored out for water flow.

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 132" D: 132"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Fountain - MF-1635   

    The description for this beautiful Marble Fountain is not available at this time. If you require additional information for this product please call 1-866-860-1710 and talk with a sales representative at anytime.

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 132" D: 132"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Granite Fountain - MF-1665   

    A beautiful quatrefoil shape antique gold granite fountain.

    Dimensions:  H: 89" W: 172" D: 172"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Golden Calcium Marble Fountain - mf-698   

    Superb craftsmanship is used to create this stunning fountain with extremely intricate details. A beautiful maiden holds two fish as water pours from their open mouths into the stylish basin below. Choose from this lovely brown marble or any other color.

    Dimensions:  H: 123" W: 58" D: 40"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Wall Fountain - MF-440   

    This fanciful wall fountain features meticulous hand carved beauty and a whimsical design with plenty of flowers, scrolls, and a majestic lion head. A gentle stream of water provides a serene sound to this feast for the eyes. Carved from pure marble.

    Dimensions:  H: 92" W: 48" D: 34"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Fountain - mf-791   

    This is an incredibly ornate wall fountain featuring a lavish relief carving of birds, cherub, and meticulous floral decor. Water pours down into a large half moon bowl for a relaxing background sound in your yard or garden. Contact us today.

    Dimensions:  H: 110" W: 66" D: 54"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Michelangelo Marble Fountain - MF-1294   

    Create an atmosphere of sleek sophistication and modern elegance in your business with this marble fountain. A large black globe is perfectly balanced within an angled basin, as waterfalls pour everlasting into a matching pool.

    Dimensions:  H: 64" W: 95" D: 95"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Three Tier Marble Fountain - MF-1141   

    This three tier marble fountain is carved from a unique marble type. This is available for a limited time only. Included is the pool surround and three tiered fountain featuring scalloped bowls for a traditional look.

    Dimensions:  H: 94" W: 117" D: 117"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • White Marble Fountain - MF-987   

    Thiselegant quatrefoil shaped pool and three tiered fountain is carved from fine Metrix Carrara marble. Featuring finely carved floral detail along with an egg and dart bowl detail. Additional Water and Lighting features are available to be installed.

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 156" D: 156"   View Colors  Call Us!

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