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  • Golden Marble Angel Fountain - MF-639   

    Savor thefeelings of joy andrelaxation thatare inspiredfrom this stunning angelic design.Meticulous dedication went into the soft curves and curling shell cornucopias that comprise the elegant base. Amesmerizing vision!

    Dimensions:  H: 82" W: 120" D: 120"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Fountain w/Balustrades - mf-740   

    A fountain this immaculate displays beauty, taste, and luxury. This amazing design features balustrades, elaborate vases,andincrediblemaiden and cherubstatues.Made from our genuine marble, this is an excellentinvestment.

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 180" D: 65"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Little Fisherman Marble Fountain - MF-1117   

    This statuary fountain is finely hand carved from a variety of beautiful marbles and is a masterpiece you will treasure amongst your intimate surroundings. Sculpted with such life like detail, this little fisherman will capture your heart.

    Dimensions:  H: 65" W: 31" D: 28"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Dream Enchantment Fountain - mf-786   

    A gorgeous maiden steps forward, pouring a stream of water from her basin into a large ornate bowl, which then reaches the elegantquatrefoil shaped pool below. This is a unique design with unforgettable beauty you will cherish for years. Call us today.

    Dimensions:  H: 0" W: 102" D: 102"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Enchantress Fountain - mf-808   

    Several gorgeous tones of marble are used to create this enchanting fountain. A beautiful maiden in a corseted gown pours water from her pitcher into a large, ornate scalloped bowl. This sophisticated work of art adds a majestic feel to the landscape.

    Dimensions:  H: 90" W: 45" D: 45"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Grecian Lady w/Vases Fountain - mf-822   

    Thisgraceful girl is dressed in beautiful attire from times bygone, delicately hand carved to reveal superb realism. She pours water from two elegant vases, while standing center a lovely, ornatesmall pool. Call or email the gallery today.

    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes      View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Baptism of Jesus Fountain/Font - MF-945   

    This beautiful fountain depicts Christ being baptised by John the Baptist. This multifunctional fountain also acts as a baptismal font. Available to be produced at the scale you require. Contact us today for a custom quote.

    Dimensions:  H: 115" W: 144" D: 144"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Botticelli Birth of Venus Fountain II - MF-1025   

    Enrich an outdoor setting with this luxurious fountain. Expertly sculpted from fine marble, the goddess of beauty stands magnificent in the center of a giant shell, endlessly refreshed by a circle of water, and enchanting all.

    Dimensions:  H: 68" W: 94.5" D: 94.5"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Marble Wall Fountain - MF-1464   

    The description for this beautiful Marble Fountain is not available at this time. If you require additional information for this product please call 1-866-860-1710 and talk with a sales representative at anytime.

    Dimensions:  H: 57" W: 39" D: 25.5"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Water Beauties Marble Fountain - MF-1104   

    Decorate your estate with this stunning work of art. These beauties supply endless refreshment and lolling melodies with their overturned pitchers to create the perfect sanctuary. All finely hand carved from white marble for a look of pure elegance.

    Dimensions:  H: 80" W: 104" D: 104"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Classical Utopia Marble Fountain - MF-1226   

    A charming and brilliant portrait of a classical utopia! This gorgeous fountain is an enchanting wonderland full of hand carved marble beauty. Life sized maiden statuettes stand beneath lavish waterfalls, adding their water pitchers to the oasis.

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 48" D: 48"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Greek Child With Fish Fountain - MF-1215   

    Add a touch of elegance to your estate with this Greek Child With Fish Fountain . Sculpted from two tones of fine marble, this elegant design features two decorative basins topped with an adorable cupid statuette.

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 60" D: 60"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Statuary Beauty Marble Fountain - MF-1214   

    This marble maiden will give your home a feeling of majestic elegance. Finely detailed in white marble, her overturned water jug pours an endless stream of refreshment to the basin at her feet. Begin customization on this piece today.

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 96" D: 96"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Felicity Gardens Marble Fountain - MF-1260   

    This enchanting fountain features an elegant double tiered pedestal decorated with felicitous cupid statuettes and majestic winged horses. Veiled in lavish waterfalls, this piece will set your estate apart with its beauty and marble luxury.

    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes      View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Elegant Wall Fountain - MF-1286   

    This elegant wall fountain has been hand carved from solid blocks of natural marble. The fountain you see pictured here was designed specifically for the niche located at the end of a swimming pool. We can design our fountains according to your needs.

    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes      View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Statuary Water Nymph Fountain - MF-1308   

    This gorgeous enchantress waits serenely by the waterside, her beauty encapsulated forever within the chambers of elegant white marble. As she gracefully reclines, water pours from her overturned vase into a large scallop shell that creates waterfalls.

    Dimensions:  H: 65" W: 42" D: 32"   View Colors  Call Us!

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