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  • Monumental Bronze Fountain and Granite Pool Surround - BF-677   

    This oversized bronze fountain includes larger than life size female statues each pouring water from jugs along with a four lion spout finial, all finished in antique patina bronze. Stock option Includes optional 20 foot dia granite pool and pedestal.

    Dimensions:  H: 172" W: 250" D: 250"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Seashore Maiden Fountain - BF-443   

    Spectacular fountain that captures the metamorphoses of a mermaid into a beautiful maiden of the seashore. Intricate detail throughout, creating an unforgettable bronze masterpiece for your home.

    Dimensions:  H: 100" W: 33" D: 73"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Oversized Bronze Dolphins Fountain - BF-891   

    Oversized Bronze Dolphins Fountain in a stunning enamel finish. Width and depth specifications represent the footprint size.

    Dimensions:  H: 102" W: 46" D: 49"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Tee Off Golfer - BS-117   

    A stunning life size museum quality bronze golfer. Extremely high grade lost wax process was used to create this piece that you can enjoy for a lifetime. This is a limited edition piece that is the last of its kind.

    Dimensions:  H: 73" W: 48" D: 32"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • The 'Davinci' Horse Replica - BS-1335   

    The 'Davinci' Horse Replica is a nine foot length by eight foot height sculpture. Solid bronze statue available to be produced with matching pedestal.

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 107" D: 40"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Bronze Carriage Horse Statue - bs-1126   

    Admire the beauty of the carriage horse with his incredible likeness in dark brown bronze. Finely sculpted with meticulous detail, he is amazingly true-to-life with all his intriguing characteristics. Matching Cowboy & Cowgirl available for limited time!

    Dimensions:  H: 66" W: 26" D: 81"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Four Rearing Horses In Bronze - BS-1624   

    Four rearing bronze horses. Available to be sold along with matching granite pool and bases along with water jets for use as fountain!

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 21" D: 45"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Luxurious Falls Fountain - BF-658   

    Beautiful female figures stand around a round gazebo, with cherubs playing on the roof, as water pours in luxurious streams into a large lion head basin, then past several maidens at the base. Optional granite pool basin and water jets sold separately.

    Dimensions:  H: 140" W: 75" D: 75"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Four Rearing Bronze Horses - BS-1412   

    Four Rearing Bronze Horses sold with matching black marble pedestals. Dimensions of each horse including pedestal are estimated at eight feet tall, two feet wide and three and a half feet deep. Sold as a set. Available as a fountain. or per piece.

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 22" D: 40"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Oversized Bronze Lion Pair - BS-1588   

    Over sized Bronze Lion Pair. These solid bronze lions are perfect to stand guard over your entrance way.

    Dimensions:  H: 75" W: 31.5" D: 53"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Maidens and Cherubs Bronze Tiered Fountain - BF-762   

    This is an extremely detailed fountain with exquisite proportions. Please stop in the showroom or call us at 1-866-860-1710 if you would like to learn more about this investment piece.

    Dimensions:  H: 154" W: 56" D: 56"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Extra Large Bronze Lion Pair - BS-1515   

    Extra large Bronze Lion Pair in a traditional classic bronze finish. Included with matching bases. At over six feet in total height these will make for an outstanding focal point to the entrance of a luxury estate.

    Dimensions:  H: 75" W: 29.5" D: 39.5"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Six Dolphins Bubble Fishing Bronze Fountain Feature - BF-872   

    Six Dolphins rising vertically in the ocean bubble fishing. A charming, colorful representation of dolphins, this Six Dolphin Bronze Fountain Feature in a brilliant blue enamel finish will be a everlasting addition to your property!

    Dimensions:  H: 87" W: 68" D: 47"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Bronze Fountain - BF-800   

    A magnificent bronze fountain featuring cherubs, lions and lighting effects. 114 inches tall by 74 inches in diameter.

    Dimensions:  H: 114" W: 74" D: 74"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • 19th Century Rearing Horses - BS-1444   

    19th Century Rearing Bronze Stallions in solid bronze. This oversized pair of bronze horses is magnificently detailed and very life like.

    Dimensions:  H: 121" W: 45" D: 93"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Five Kids On Tree Stump - BS-1517   

    Five Kids On Tree Stump in brilliant bronze. An amazingly life like statue featuring five school kids carefully crossing a fallen tree stump. This piece measures over 11 feet in length and just shy of six feet tall in total height!

    Dimensions:  H: 68.5" W: 137.5" D: 43"   View Colors  Call Us!

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