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  • Monumental Bronze Fountain and Granite Pool Surround - BF-677   

    This oversized bronze fountain includes larger than life size female statues each pouring water from jugs along with a four lion spout finial, all finished in antique patina bronze. Stock option Includes optional 20 foot dia granite pool and pedestal.

    Dimensions:  H: 172" W: 250" D: 250"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Four Rearing Horses In Bronze - BS-1624   

    Four rearing bronze horses. Available to be sold along with matching granite pool and bases along with water jets for use as fountain!

    Dimensions:  H: 72" W: 21" D: 45"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Bronze Fountain - BF-800   

    A magnificent bronze fountain featuring cherubs, lions and lighting effects. 114 inches tall by 74 inches in diameter.

    Dimensions:  H: 114" W: 74" D: 74"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Oversized Bronze Dolphins Fountain - BF-891   

    Oversized Bronze Dolphins Fountain in a stunning enamel finish. Width and depth specifications represent the footprint size.

    Dimensions:  H: 102" W: 46" D: 49"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Tee Off Golfer - BS-117   

    A stunning life size museum quality bronze golfer. Extremely high grade lost wax process was used to create this piece that you can enjoy for a lifetime. This is a limited edition piece that is the last of its kind.

    Dimensions:  H: 73" W: 48" D: 32"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Bronze Female Fountain - BF-184   

    A perfect example of artistic beauty, forever encapsulated in our beautiful classic bronze. This piece will bring you years of enjoyment. Featuring nude female sitting under a highly detailed tree, plants and full size. Contact us today for more info.

    Dimensions:  H: 88" W: 54" D: 44"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Bronze Carriage Horse Statue - bs-1126   

    Admire the beauty of the carriage horse with his incredible likeness in dark brown bronze. Finely sculpted with meticulous detail, he is amazingly true-to-life with all his intriguing characteristics. Matching Cowboy & Cowgirl available for limited time!

    Dimensions:  H: 66" W: 26" D: 81"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Silver and Gold Lions and Maid - BF-776   

    Silver and Gold Lions and Maidens Bronze Fountain! Solid black granite pool available, sold seperately!

    Dimensions:  H: 94" W: 60.5" D: 60"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Enchanted Mermaid Fountain - BF-294   

    The Enchanted Mermaid Bronze Pedestal Fountain is richly detailed with a multitude of Ocean Themed designs. Cast in our Patina Bronze this artistic beauty will delight you with its array of water sprays that are adorned throughout. Contact us today.

    Dimensions:  H: 129" W: 55" D: 55"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • The Cowboy - BS-504   

    This stunning bronze sculpture depicts an American hero from the Old West. The Cowboy is expertly hand carved to reveal him in full costume, including ready lasso and classic hat. Add this incredible piece of American art to your collection.

    Dimensions:  H: 77" W: 31" D: 38"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Cowgirl Pride - BS-630   

    This Cowgirl is half of a pair of Western themed statues featuring a highly detailed male and female holding lassos. Authentic Americana, this would make any ranch or lodge sparkle with charm! Priced per piece, available as a pair as well.

    Dimensions:  H: 74" W: 27" D: 34"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Lions and Maidens Bronze Fountain - BF-640   

    Admire the detailed artwork of this incredible bronze fountain. Magnificent lion heads pour water into a large round basin, then fall in several waterfalls past maidens who serenely empty their basins. Granite Pool Sold Seperately

    Dimensions:  H: 96" W: 60" D: 60"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Maidens and Cherubs Bronze Tiered Fountain - BF-762   

    This is an extremely detailed fountain with exquisite proportions. Please stop in the showroom or call us at 1-866-860-1710 if you would like to learn more about this investment piece.

    Dimensions:  H: 154" W: 56" D: 56"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Extra Large Bronze Lion Pair - BS-1515   

    Extra large Bronze Lion Pair in a traditional classic bronze finish. Included with matching bases. At over six feet in total height these will make for an outstanding focal point to the entrance of a luxury estate.

    Dimensions:  H: 75" W: 29.5" D: 39.5"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Life Size St Michael Statue in Bronze - BS-210   

    A regal masterpiece. This bronze statue depicts Michael the Arch Angel in the Bibles famous battle of sin. Flawlessly hand carved magnificence portrays the angels outstretched wings and sword that is charged with power and dominance. Base sold separately.

    Dimensions:  H: 80" W: 71" D: 40"   View Colors  Call Us!

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  • Six Dolphins Bubble Fishing Bronze Fountain Feature - BF-872   

    Six Dolphins rising vertically in the ocean bubble fishing. A charming, colorful representation of dolphins, this Six Dolphin Bronze Fountain Feature in a brilliant blue enamel finish will be a everlasting addition to your property!

    Dimensions:  H: 87" W: 68" D: 47"   View Colors  Call Us!

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